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Jens Schröder-Fürstenberg

Jens Schröder-Fürstenberg

About me

About me

About me

Jens Schröder-Fürstenberg

Born in the mid 60's;


Love my princess (ich denk an Dich :-*) and my daughter;

Like running and our website;

Master Mariner;

Working with the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency;

Teaching ECDIS basics and from time to time;

Member and Chair of an IHO working group developing a data model to integrate nautical information into ECDIS.

Engaged in following international activities:

2003-today  IHO SNPWG Working Group, Chairman since 2012

2003-2008   HELCOM Expert Working Group on Routeing Measures

2008-2009   IHO CSPCWG Working Group, Leader Sub-WG re-draft S49 Standard (Mariners' Routeing Guide)

2009-2012   BLAST WP 4 (Navigating the North Sea)

2010-2013   HELCOM Group of Experts on Safety of Navigation

2010-today Moderator Flag Counter Fora

2012-today German representative at the IHO HSSC




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